A house was erected in the Moscow region in a day using a 3D printer

It seems that few people have doubts about the huge prospects for the construction of houses built using 3D technology. This was once again demonstrated by the San Francisco-based startup Apis Cor. With the help of a mobile 3D printer, a house with an area of ​​37, 16 square meters was erected in Stupino near Moscow. meters.

The technology made it possible to erect printed walls, partitions and enclosing structures from a concrete mixture in just a day. The installation of the roof, windows and finishing works were carried out by hand. The total construction cost was just over $ 10, 000.

It is worth noting that the construction took place in December last year at a temperature of 35 ° C. This is a joint project between Apis Cor and the Russian development company PIK. Its goal is to demonstrate the flexibility and high performance of 3D construction equipment to print almost any shape at home.

The Apis Cor 3D printer is somewhat similar to a tower crane, which allows you to print both exterior and interior walls. The printer is very compact, mobile, easily disassembled and transported, it does not need lengthy preparation for the start of construction. It uses an automatic horizon and stabilization system, which eliminates the human factor.