Australian house that consumes 200 rubles a year of electricity

Clare Cousin Architects partnered with construction company Sosiable Weaver to design and build Australia's first “carbon positive” home. This unusual characteristic means that it consumes more carbon during its operation than it releases into the environment. For this, the house received the maximum rating of "10 stars" for energy efficiency and the unofficial name - "Ten-Star House".

In its creation, a passive solar strategy was used, thanks to which a comfortable temperature is maintained throughout the year.

The 10-Star House is located in the coastal area and is constantly open to the public, including as a visual aid for students, future architects and builders of Sosiable Weaver.

The creators of the house took into account all aspects related to strict environmental requirements, from building materials to bedding. They even had to work with suppliers to reduce the size of the packaging of the delivered materials, and during construction, all drywall and wood waste was recycled.

The source of electricity for the "Ten-Star House" is the 5-kilowatt solar panels installed on the roof. In order to avoid energy losses, insulation was installed under the ceilings, concrete floors were installed to retain heat, and double-glazed windows were installed. When decorating the interior, exclusively environmentally friendly non-toxic materials were used - paints, wood, organic cotton.

In addition, according to the authors of the project, the "Ten-Star House" should inspire its inhabitants to unite with nature, for which there is a garden next to it, where it will be possible to grow fruits and vegetables for their own consumption. The house is also equipped with a "green key" that turns off all household appliances at night, except for the refrigerator.