British supermarket Costcutter pioneers fingerprint payment

It seems that very soon ordinary wallets will finally become a thing of the past. They will be replaced by biometric payment systems. Authentication company Sthaler has partnered with Worldpay to develop a 3D fingerprint payment system for purchases.

The system was tested in the British supermarket Costcutter with the help of Brunel University students. The system employs a special infrared sensor that scans customers' fingers, namely the unique configuration of blood vessels.

After scanning, the system establishes communication with bank accounts. Account information is held by the payment provider, Worldpay, allowing customers to make cashless payments using only their own fingers. According to Sthaler, blood vessel scanning technology is the most secure method of biometric identification.

The advantages of the system were briefly described by the commercial director of the company Simon Binns:

“You no longer need to carry cash or credit cards with you, and remember your PIN. You just 'bring' yourself. "