Hitachi and Honda tandem to create a cheap and affordable electric motor of the future

The world has recovered from the fascination with conceptual electric vehicles - from a hobby of large corporations, this phenomenon has transformed into a new, all-encompassing industry. There is simply no alternative to electric power plants, because the standards for emissions into the atmosphere will only get stricter, and the hydrocarbon market is in a fever due to political collisions.

One problem is that humanity does not have the technology to create a truly massive electric transport with acceptable performance. You need a cheap, simple and reliable engine that everyone will benefit from. And its appearance will require a "technological synergy" between suppliers and manufacturers, which Hitachi and Honda are going to implement.

The companies signed a memorandum of understanding and launched a joint project with a think tank in Japan, relying on manufacturing facilities in China and a primary market in the United States. Its budget is 5 billion yen (44.7 million dollars), 51% of assets will be controlled by representatives of Hitachi. The name of the undertaking is still kept secret.

However, there is a fear that a new technological revolution will never happen. Despite the loud statements, both Japanese companies do not plan to devote all their efforts to the development of joint know-how, but will continue to conduct their own projects in parallel. And many of them, like the agreement between Honda and GM to develop hydrogen fuel cells, have far more budget and commercial weight.