"Live" 3D printing technique will allow you to change the shape, color and size of an already created object

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a new 3D printing technology called "living polymerization", which allows printed objects to be transformed using light and heat.

Thanks to her, it became possible to change the shape, color and size, as well as combine several objects into one. All this became a reality after the creation of new polymers containing special TTC chemical groups. Such polymers can change their characteristics like a "folding accordion".

For example, exposure to blue activates organic catalysts in polymers, stretching them or altering their mechanical and chemical properties.

"The idea is, " explains MIT chemistry professor Jeremiah Johnson, "that first you print the material, then you take it and, using light, transform it into something completely different, or just enlarge it."

The unique transformation technology opens up truly immense prospects in the creation of new materials.