Metamaterial created by Russian scientists will turn a combat vehicle "invisible"

STEALTH technologies have been enriched by another unique joint development of Russian scientists from MISIS and their Greek colleagues from the University of Crete. The metamaterial they have created is an ultra-modern version of the fabulous "invisible cap" that will reliably hide military equipment from enemy detection equipment.

The Russian "cap of invisibility" is capable of changing the structure of electromagnetic waves, due to which, in a certain range, objects become invisible. The basis of the metamaterial is ordinary steel, which has undergone a special treatment using laser cutting, as a result of which a flat lattice of metamolecules is formed.

Items coated with such a metamaterial have a reduced radar signature. In addition to reducing the visibility of military equipment in various areas of the spectrum, the development will find application in the creation of highly sensitive sensors that respond to the presence of explosives and toxic substances, next-generation lasers and quantum computers.