Developed flexible wing with variable shape

Scientists and engineers continue to draw inspiration from the Wright Brothers, the aviation pioneers, who crafted wood and canvas wings for their aircraft in the early 20th century. In an effort to achieve new performance targets, NASA and MIT have developed a revolutionary flexible wing made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic that can dynamically reshape.

The new wings are covered with a special "leather" (polyimide film) with a thickness of 0, 127 mm, reminiscent of scales, which makes the entire surface flexible and smoother.

Thanks to the special internal design, it became possible to continuously change the shape of the wing. This property will significantly improve the ability to maneuver, simplify the production process and significantly reduce fuel consumption. Wind tunnel tests confirmed the scientists' calculations.

The huge advantage of the new material is its reusability and ease of assembly. In particular, it is not difficult to dismantle broken wing fragments and replace them with new ones.