SAROS - a buoy that desalinates water using waves

The goal of the American startup EcoH20 Innovations is to create a SAROS device, a compact non-volatile seawater desalination plant using a reverse osmosis system.

SAROS has been developed specifically for islands with a shortage of fresh water. Most desalination plants burn fossil fuels. The desalination buoy solves both of these problems at the same time. The power source for the device is sea waves. With their help, sea water is pumped through a reverse osmosis system. Desalinated water is then delivered to the shore through a pipe.

The principle behind SAROS is not new. A similar desalination device, Odyssee, was created in Canada a few years ago. The company says it has focused primarily on creating a simple desalination system. In the future, they may be engaged in the creation of systems for water purification from oil and even plastic spills.

EcoH2O has now launched a fundraising campaign for pilot projects in Haiti and Puerto Rico.