A tree house can be luxurious too

Of course, spending the night in the forest has its own unique features, especially if a house located right on a tree is waiting for you. Its name is "Lumberjack's House". The interior design is a luxury hotel with a sauna, hot tub and other attributes of hotel comfort.

The Lumberjack's Cabin is located at Crafty Camping, Dorset, England. Its construction lasted about six months. Piles became the foundation of the structure, and the house itself was built mainly from local materials. Concept authors Guy Mallinson and architect Keith Brownlee.

To get into the house, you need to climb the adjacent bridge. A porthole and a locking mechanism, like on a submarine, are mounted in the massive oak entrance door in the "sea" manner.

Inside there is a small lobby with a toilet and a living room. For a comfortable stay, there is a bedroom with a double bed, a kitchenette, several comfortable chairs and a bathtub near the large window. In the center of the living room there is an unusual revolving fireplace with a transparent fireproof glass screen.

On the other side there is a terrace with a wood-burning oven where you can make pizza and barbecues. There is also a shower right in the open air. A spiral staircase leads to the roof, where you can steam in the sauna and take a hot tub.