Flexible e-paper will display the full color gamut

Chalmers University researchers Andreas Dalin and Kun Li Xiong have developed electronic colored paper less than a micrometer thick. In terms of functions, it is similar to LED displays, but at the same time it consumes 10 times less energy than conventional tablets.

According to Andreas Dahlin, paper resembles the display of a Kindle tablet. It doesn't glow like traditional screens, but rather reflects outside light, so it works well in adequate lighting. Unlike LED displays, which are more effective in the dark.

It all depends on the ability of polymers to control the amount of absorbed and reflected light. The polymers, which cover the entire surface, conduct electrical signals through the screen and create a high-resolution image. While the material is under development, but its basis is already there.

Scientists have tested and created several types of pixels. They use red, blue and green colors, which together produce all other colors, just like in LED displays. Researchers are now working on developing pixels that will cover the entire display.

Andreas Dahlin believes that the best application for electronic paper displays will be information boards, signage and information screens in well-lit public spaces.