New gel will make batteries eternal

Developed by the team of Dr. Mai Li Tai of the University of California, we will create a battery that can last almost forever. She invented a shield for nanowires that act as electrodes that virtually eliminates the degradation effect. The service life of conventional batteries is several thousand recharge cycles - after processing with a new gel, it increases to 200, 000 or more.

The novelty has two important components - a grid of gold rods, whose thickness is measured in nanometers, and a gel-like coating of manganese dioxide. The wire core has impressive conductivity and a large area, it can hold a lot of electrons, accumulating a solid charge. The protective shell takes on a destructive effect and minimizes damage from chemical and mechanical processes.

Dr. Tai tested her prototype for several months in a row, running tens of thousands of charge / discharge cycles, but never recorded a decrease in battery performance. If we assume that a smartphone is charged on average once a day, then with a new battery it could work for centuries with the same battery. In addition to the obvious commercial benefits for the end user, this is also a chance to radically minimize the amount of waste in the production of various gadgets.

The technology is experimental, so it will take at least several years before it goes to the masses.