General Motors will fully switch to renewables by 2050

Environmentally friendly systems that do not emit carbon into the atmosphere are becoming de facto mandatory not only in cars, but also in the factories of those who produce them. The American concern General Motors owns production facilities in 59 countries of the world, which are represented by a total of about 350 objects. At the end of 2015, the corporation's total energy consumption was 9 terawatts / hour, and now the company has set a goal to transfer all its factories to renewable energy sources.

GM plans to meet this ambitious goal by 2050 through the introduction of energy-efficient technologies and a massive transition to the use of energy from alternative sources. In terms of the latter, sunlight is the main one, and GM already operates 22 solar power plants.

Currently, new solar panel complexes with a capacity of 30 MW are being built for the company's facilities in Shanghai and Wuhan. Another 3 enterprises of this brand operate on landfill gas, plus four fields of wind generators are expected to be launched from day to day.

Switching all 100% of General Motors' capacity to renewable energy sources is not a business, but primarily a public mission, says CEO Mary Barra. The direct business benefit is reduced dependence on energy price fluctuations, but the importance of clean air cannot be overemphasized. In addition, GM is one of the companies that voluntarily signed the RE100 social contract.