Switzerland develops national drone control system

Recently, more and more drones have appeared in the skies of Switzerland, which indicates its technical progress in this direction. In this regard, the process of creating a unified control system for unmanned aerial vehicles is quite natural. It will track UAVs and keep a register of operators to make the country's airspace safer for them.

Internet news outlet Ars Technica reports that Swiss air traffic control operator Skyquide is working with leading drone navigation provider AirMap to develop an air traffic control system based on its Airmap UTM mapping platform.

However, this is just a small part of a more significant system - U-Space, which aims to provide safe access to European airspace for millions of UAVs and their operators. At the first stage, within the framework of U-Space, a list of services subject to registration will be developed, a list of drones and operators will be drawn up, and areas of restriction of their flights will be determined.

According to experts, U-Space is an analogue of the system developed by NASA - Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management, designed for drones and small aircraft flying at low altitude.

U-Space is expected to be deployed in four phases from 2018 to 2021. In particular, the second phase will include planning, approving and tracking flights. At the third and fourth stages, more complex tasks are implemented, for example, "assistance in detecting conflicts", as well as increasing the level of autonomy of aircraft and their control systems.