An old harbor crane turned into a multi-level villa with a spa

Proper name: "Krane". Location: Copenhagen harbor. Concept and implementation: Arcgency studio. The old, long inoperative port crane, through the efforts of the designers, has been reincarnated into an experimental housing. A bizarre combination of the absence of the usual comfort elements and the presence of innovative ones, such as a non-standard "sun and sea" lighting system.

The crane has long lost its functionality, lost its mobility and lost all mechanisms. Even upstairs, guests will have to climb a high ladder - there is no elevator in sight. But the living room is a glass and steel container suspended in the air with an incredible view of the Nordhavn harbor, which is currently undergoing a period of rapid reconstruction. In a word, there is something to see.

The Krane "lodge" has a huge outdoor terrace, a separate spa center with several baths and a jacuzzi, a kitchen and utility rooms. The owners can live in a bedroom, its area is more than 50 sq. M. and, mind you, there is another terrace here. The interiors of the premises are designed in coal-black tones, as a memory of the loads that this steel giant once overloaded.

The main feature of Krane is its ability to capture light from all directions, for which the developers have long analyzed how the water reflects it. In fact, in most housing, lighting is natural, light bulbs act as an emergency light source. The people at Krane will have to live at a solid height above the water without feeling secure, monumental walls around and this psychological effect was taken into account first.

They do not plan to sell Krane, but here you can rent several premises or the entire structure, but according to a personal agreement - nothing really is known about the prices.