Russian startup introduced the world's most accurate navigation system

Marvelmind Robotics, a Russian startup and Skolkovo resident at the same time, demonstrated a navigation system that is currently the most accurate on the planet. Marvelmind navigation will allow humans or robots to determine their own location with an error of only 1-2 cm.

Unfortunately, the current navigation systems no longer meet the increased standards of robotics. Especially when it comes to closed rooms, where the signal from satellites is not caught, and robots and other mobile devices require special accuracy, measured in centimeters.

It was proposed to solve the problem using a system consisting of a miniature router and stationary beacon sensors mounted on the robot itself and on the walls of the room. Data exchange between the elements of the system is carried out via an open radio channel. To determine the location of the robot, the trilateration method is used.

The beacons consist of 5 ultrasonic sensors, an electronic board, an antenna and a power supply. The maximum distance between beacons is up to 50 meters. The cost of the basic set of the system, which includes a router, 1 subscriber and 4 stationary beacons, will be $ 349.