5 IBM predictions for life in 2022

Dario Gil, Vice President for Science at IBM, spoke about the five main directions of technology development until 2022.

1. The first prediction is related to the capabilities of artificial intelligence, which will make words a window into our mental health. In the next 5 years, people will learn to use machine learning and natural language processing to predict and control mental illness - schizophrenia, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Huntington's diseases using mobile devices.

2. Hyperspectral vision and artificial intelligence will allow us to see like superheroes. People will be able to see microwave and millimeter-wave radiation, infrared images, see through fog and hidden obstacles. Technology will enable color blind people to see the world in color.

3. By 2022, using macroscopes, we will be able to understand the complexity of the Earth in perspective. Using software and algorithms, scientists will collect and analyze all information about the Earth in order to understand the mechanisms of climate change and global food shortages.

4. In 5 years, IBM predicts medical laboratories will fit into a single chip, allowing them to track diseases at the nanoscale before symptoms appear.

5. Environmental monitoring in 2022 will be carried out instantly using a network of drones and ultra-fast smart sensors. The corporation is currently working on a silicon photonics technology that will transmit pollution information at the speed of light.