Australians have figured out how to improve the efficiency of solar cells from perovskite

In recent years, the technology for the production of perovskite (perovskite or calcium titanate CaTiO3, a rare mineral) solar cells has achieved significant success. One of the latest achievements is the creation of hybrid cells from several layers of perovskite with high efficiency. Now researchers at the Australian National University have developed new technology that further enhances their effectiveness.

Primoskit batteries are cheaper and easier to manufacture than silicon counterparts. Australian scientists are convinced that the best solar panels will eventually be created from these materials. The perovskite solar cells they created in 2009 had an efficiency of only 4%. For several years this figure has grown to 20%.

To further increase efficiency, the Australian University team used the chemical indium, adding it to one of the layers of perovskite panels. As a result, scientists have obtained an increase in output power of up to 25%.

According to one of the leaders of the research, Dr. Tom White, using the new technology, the efficiency of solar cells can be raised by up to 30%.