Titanium rubber mesh protects vehicle bodies in a collision

Defense company QinetiQ unveiled a material that absorbs strong mechanical impacts at the Farnborough International Airshow. Made of titanium mesh woven into a carbon fiber based polymer, the new material could, for example, triple the strength of an aircraft's wings and nose.

The automotive industry will become another area of ​​using the unique material. The rubber-metal structure will help to significantly reduce the cost of car repairs after accidents. According to Andrew Foreman, head of engineering research and consulting at the company, the material may be in demand in the production of sports cars, including Formula 1 cars.

The polymer absorbs the impact energy, evenly distributing it over the entire surface, after which a rebound and return to its original state occurs.

Tests have shown that the material can protect the aircraft fuselage and even the tires from foreign objects caught on the runway. It will also be able to save the aircraft in a collision with birds (this year in the United States there were more than 10, 000) and from lightning strikes.