A restaurant opens in London where everything from food to furniture is 3D printed

Nowadays, many London restaurants compete with each other to provide visitors with unusual services. So, for example, in one of the hipster restaurants you will be offered to pet a cat. Recently, a restaurant was added to this list, where everything from interior items to specialties is 3D printed.

To prepare dishes (there are only 9 of them so far), the Food Ink restaurant uses special food ink. A visit to the establishment and a signature 3D treat will be available this month for £ 250.

The kitchen of the future

However, the project has already had opponents, not without reason, claiming that £ 250 for products turned into "ink" and served with plastic cutlery is too expensive.

However, the authors of the idea themselves do not hide that they are in the process of finding the best option that would interest potential customers. And for this there are many problems to be solved. According to Sasha Mather, director of communications at Food Ink, it is very difficult to print meat dishes due to sanitary and technological problems.

For now, byFlo food 3D printers can only work with paste-like materials.