The British have fantasized about how technology will change our lives in 20 years

The survey on "How technology will change our lives by 2036" was conducted among British citizens based on the predictions of scientists and teachers at Imperial College London. The researchers surveyed over 2, 000 Britons.

The questions were mainly related to the spheres of fashion, health care and finance. Thus, more than 55% of respondents believe that people will regularly wear clothes connected to the Internet, and 53% are sure that artificial organs can be printed on a 3D printer.

Many respondents consider it possible to switch to remote visits to a doctor, thanks to virtual reality technologies. More than half of the survey participants have no doubt that in 20 years the number of autonomous cars will exceed the number of those driven by a driver, and special drones will deliver pizza to the doorstep.

The British expressed confidence in the appearance of the first cloned humans, in commercial space flights, and in the fact that more and more earthlings will become owners of embedded electronic devices. Artificial intelligence will appear on the board of directors of companies, and robots will surpass their creators.