Personal zones of temperature and lighting will follow the employee in the office

The studio of the architect Carlo Ratti is engaged in equipping office buildings with special sensors that control the operation of lighting and heating in accordance with the real needs of their inhabitants. The latest project of the studio is called "Office 3.0".

According to Carlo Ratti, a huge amount of energy is spent on heating or air conditioning empty buildings. If you synchronize this process in accordance with the real needs of each person, then you can reduce energy consumption by 40%.

The system will operate based on data on room occupancy, temperature and CO 2 coming from sensors. According to the available indicators, the level of lighting, heating and air conditioning will be regulated.

With the help of a mobile application, office workers will be able to choose a "personal" temperature for themselves. An internal positioning system will track all movements of users around the building and adapt the environment to them. The developers of Office 3.0 describe this process as a "thermal bubble" that follows every employee in the office.

Office 3.0 is not the studio's first project of this kind within the framework of the Internet of Things. Recently, a design was presented for a modular seating system that adapts to the needs of a particular user.