Gaming technologies will recreate a crime scene for courts

A team of researchers at the University of Staffordshire conducted an experiment with the technology of "transporting jurors", making them virtually move to a fictitious crime scene. As stated by Dr. Caroline Stardy Coles, this is the first such project in the world.

The idea has already received a £ 150, 000 research grant from the European Commission. The project widely uses green screens, the latest virtual reality headsets and other technologies from the gaming and computer industries.

During the project, scientists tested the technology of laser scanning of a crime scene using drones. So in one of the options, wearing a virtual reality helmet, you can bypass the location and consider many additional details. By the way, the cost of the headset is quite affordable so that the judicial authorities can purchase it - only 700 pounds.

Not without skeptics, who are quite satisfied with the existing level of technical equipment of British ships. But still, the advance of modern technologies cannot be stopped. According to a spokesman for the UK Department of Justice, advances in new technologies will avoid unnecessary hearings, reduce the costs of plaintiffs and, thus, make justice more accessible.