The Japanese promise a man-made meteor shower at the opening of the 2020 Olympics

What else can you impress at the opening of the next Olympiad? And then the Japanese remained true to themselves. During the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, they promise to arrange ... an artificial meteor shower instead of the traditional fireworks.

The startup Star-ALE decided to take on this difficult task. As its creators assure, a grandiose pyrotechnic show called "Heavenly Canvas" will be seen in the vicinity at a distance of more than 190 km.

A normal meteor shower occurs when particles of several millimeters in size enter the dense layers of the atmosphere, where they burn up to form bright plasma emissions.

To create an artificial meteor shower, the startup participants intend to launch into orbit a special microsatellite with 5, 000-10, 000 combustible pellets made of various metals. When burned, they will emit different colors. For example, potassium glows purple, cesium glows blue, and copper glows green.

Star-ALE satellite project

The falling pellets should flare up 35 to 50 km above the Earth. There is no doubt that if successful, we will witness an unforgettable, colorful heavenly show. Currently, Star-ALE members are rolling pellets in a vacuum chamber.