UFO-shaped floating house concept

You can always wait out the next cataclysm or global flood in the mountains, but it can be done much more stylishly and comfortably in a houseboat from the Italian company Jet Capsule. The renowned mini-yacht manufacturer has proposed the concept of a self-contained floating house in the form of a flying saucer.

The manufacturer compares the shape of the dwelling with a UFO. Only the abbreviation UFO used in English had to put in a different meaning - Unidentified Floating Object. That is, an unidentified floating object.

The house really floats, and can reach speeds of up to 3 knots (5.5 km / h). It is powered by a Torqeedo Deep Blue 1800 water jet electric motor. The motor gets its electricity from solar panels located on the roof of the house.

Wind and water turbines located above and below the main disk of the floating plate can serve as additional energy sources. There are enough energy generators to provide electricity to both the house and the engine.

Two fiberglass hemispheres make up two floors of the house. The space inside the dwelling can be organized according to the owner's taste. In the presented concept, the upper level is occupied by the kitchen and dining / living room, the lower level is occupied by the bath and the bedroom with a large window for observing the sea life.

The company is currently looking for investors to build the first working prototype with an estimated price tag of $ 800, 000. The final price of such a houseboat, after production is established, will be $ 200, 000.