Russian scientists have developed a secure quantum communication system

The security of communication channels is one of the main problems of information security. Today, in addition to large companies, strategic infrastructure facilities and financial institutions, thousands of “ordinary” computer users become victims of hackers. All this suggests that modern encryption algorithms are far from perfect.

The emergence of systems of quantum cryptography is an unconditional breakthrough in this direction. A new concept for the transmission of single-photon signals was developed by the staff of ITMO University in St. Petersburg together with colleagues from Scotland. The technology allows information to be transmitted over distances of more than 250 kilometers. Scientists have already demonstrated a working device based on it.

No matter how complex ordinary encryption algorithms are, modern powerful computers "split" them sooner or later, but they are absolutely powerless against the fundamental laws of quantum physics. The information carriers in the quantum channel - single photons, having become the "prey" of intruders, instantly "lose their face", which immediately becomes known to the users of the channel.

Now scientists have to create a full-fledged quantum cryptographic system with all its attributes on the basis of prototypes. Only after this will it be possible to introduce it widely into government and commercial structures.