Rhenium mining plant to be built in the crater of an active volcano

In the periodic table, rhenium is listed as number 75. The main advantage of this silvery heavy metal is its ultra-high melting point, which goes beyond 3000 degrees. This is what in due time he liked the creators of jet engines and other equipment dealing with extremely high temperatures.

Another feature of rhenium, which can hardly be attributed to the merits, is its rarity. According to geologists, its reserves on Earth are estimated at 13, 000 tons, which makes it extremely expensive. The rhenium deposit has not been discovered for a long time. The raw material for its production is molybdenum ore.

Everything changed in the 90s. On one of the islands of the Kuril ridge - Iturup, in the mouth of the Kudryavy volcano, Russian scientists discovered deposits of rhenium sulfide - a mineral containing up to 15 tons of truly precious metal. But their success was not limited to this. As it turned out, Kudryavy "exhales" up to 20 tons into the atmosphere every year.

The volcanic gas collection plant, which will appear right in the Kudryavy crater, will help you take advantage of such a generous gift from nature. However, the name "plant" is rather arbitrary. It will be a complex of special volcanic gas catchers from which scientists will use catalysts to extract much-needed rhenium.

The first dome will start working in the summer and is expected to produce about 3 tons. The so-called phreatic eruptions, which usually occur after heavy rains, can become a serious problem for the "volcanic" plant. The accumulations of water formed after them seep through the soil and, upon reaching the hot magma, provoke steam explosions.