Google will determine the location of the photo by pixels

Google specialists are developing technology that allows you to accurately determine the location of the photograph by the pixels in the image. For this, a huge bank of digital photographs, which the Internet giant has at its disposal, is used.

There are many services that determine the location of the photo using hidden data that come with most digital images. Google experts went much further. The system for identifying the shooting location they create involves scanning the landscape.

Photos are divided into pixels and superimposed on the developed system, which includes a bank of photographic images and geodata attached to them. If there is a match, the algorithm makes a conclusion about the place where the picture was taken.

As a result, a unique project PlaNet was born, containing 90 million geotags (geographical coordinates of photographs) from all over the world. The earth was divided into 26, 000 sectors of different sizes depending on the number of images available in the database. According to the research results of 2.3 million photographs, 28% of them were able to identify the country and time of shooting, and 48% - the continent.

Google continues to expand and develop the intellectual potential of PlaNet. Project manager Tobias Weyang is confident:

"In our opinion, PlaNet has an advantage over humans, because no one in the world can visit so many places, capture so many fragments, and then be able to figure them out, even if he is an avid traveler."