US Army to use mobile factories to print drones

The Pentagon begins trials of 3D-printed drones as part of a program to create rapidly changing drones. In the future, it is planned to equip soldiers with unmanned assistants, easily customizable for any type of mission.

To this end, the US Army Research Laboratory is developing a concept of mobile factories to quickly print the required number of drones. If combatants need the support of unmanned aerial vehicles, they will make a request and within 24 hours will receive the necessary UAVs, moreover, sharpened for specific tasks.

As an example of using the new concept, the following legend is proposed: a reconnaissance patrol needs to explore a dangerous area under the bridge, where it would be convenient to use a drone. The scouts make a radio request to the nearest base. The request is sent to the marching factory, where the model of the device is immediately selected, and the 3D printer immediately prints the necessary parts. The drone is assembled and sent to the patrol.