Conductive concrete eliminates the need to remove snow

Research University of Nebraska is testing a new type of concrete that has electrical properties. When connected to a power source, it heats up, which makes it indispensable in the winter.

Thus, a section of a road made of conductive concrete does not need snow or ice clearing, as well as the use of special chemical reagents, since melting occurs naturally. Moreover, the cost of electricity for heating the surface does not exceed the cost of using snow removal equipment and a reagent mixture.

The unique material is produced by mixing carbon particles, steel shavings and conventional asphalt mix. Moreover, additives account for only 20% of the total mass. After the mixture has solidified, it becomes electrically conductive. With the passage of current, heating occurs sufficient to melt snow or ice. Moreover, the coating is completely safe for people.

Currently, the site is being tested with an area of ​​18, 6 sq. meters near the Peter Kievit Institute in Nebraska. According to the head of research, Professor Chris Tuan, the new coating could be most effectively used in the arrangement of runways, but mainly representatives of municipal services, concerned with clearing snow in problem areas, are interested in it.