Streaming audio services are pushing music lovers to return to vinyl

It would seem that with the advent of streaming music services, CDs, and even more so vinyl records, will forever become a thing of the past. But then the unexpected happened. Among young music lovers, more and more lovers began to appear to return, as they say, to the origins and listen to good old vinyl.

Recent research has shown a significant increase in sales of CDs and vinyl records. As it turned out, after listening to streaming music services, many music lovers wished to get their favorite hits in a more "live" version. So sales of vinyl discs in the past year have grown by 50% and can reach 2 million copies by the end of December.

The decline in sales and CDs has stopped. Moreover, the BPI (British Phonogram Producers Association) and the Entertainment Retailers Association strongly recommend getting hard copies of music as they have better sound quality. As stated by Jeff Taylor, CEO of BPI and BRIT Awards:

“The enduring appeal of CDs and vinyl has surprised many music experts who have written on the subject years ago. The share of "retro media" still accounts for about 40% of all music consumed in the UK. "