Air holograms that respond to touch are created in Japan

Researchers at the University of Tsukuba in Japan have created touch-sensitive holograms. For this, femtosecond lasers were used, capable of stimulating matter to emit light, which makes it possible to form holograms with feedback.

The generated holograms are called Fairy Lights. Their maximum volume does not exceed 1 cubic meter. centimeter, but it can be increased using special optical devices. If the hologram is touched with a finger, it disintegrates momentarily, but is immediately restored as soon as the touch ends.

Japanese scientists create holographic images in two ways, using a system of lenses and mirrors. Images are composed of so-called plasma voxels - three-dimensional pixels that can be compared to atoms in computer technology.

The role of projectors is assigned to two ultrafast femtosecond lasers. The first generates one thousand pulses per second with a power of 7 millijoules each, and the second generates 200 thousand pulses per second with a power of 50 microjoules. The plasma they create is safer than nanosecond lasers, which can cause burns.

Lasers, mirrors and lenses required to build a hologram

According to one of the leading specialists of the university Yoshi Ochiai, the new technology can be used for three-dimensional communication, medical education, the creation of a holographic computer keyboard, as well as for video conferencing.