Tesla unveils roof tiles with integrated solar panels

The SolarCity authors, including Elon Musk, have a simple concept. It is not necessary to make energy systems for the roofs of buildings, but to construct the roofs themselves from solar panels. For this, roofing tiles have been developed in the format of a high-tech building material.

The panel samples presented last Friday imitate ceramic tiles, glass, French slate, textured and curved Tuscan tiles. They are all opaque when viewed from below or from the side, so you won't know where the roof ends and the solar array begins.

As Musk said, "This is a roof that has better insulation than traditional construction, generates electricity and is cheaper than roofing, plus a solar panel."

It is strong enough to withstand light blows and the vagaries of the weather, which was demonstrated at the presentation. However, the Tesla executive did not disclose the product's cost and power generation figures.

Elon Musk showed off the perfect complement to such a roof: the second-generation Powerwall battery complex from the same Tesla company. It contains 14 kWh of energy - the estimated daily requirement of a household with 4 rooms equipped with typical electrical appliances. If you connect a battery to rooftop panels and build a house in a sunny region, in theory you end up with an endless source of energy.

Tesla will begin accepting orders for new items in the coming days, and next month it will consider a merger with SolarCity.