3D printing technology for magnets developed in Austria

Nowadays, most of the magnets are injection molded. This technology has some limitations associated with the production of magnets of certain shapes, which are necessary, in particular, for the implementation of research projects.

A team of researchers at the Vienna University of Technology has developed a technology for 3D printing magnets that opens up the prospect of creating products of any shape and size. The project manager, Dr. Dieter Suess, spoke about the research objectives:

“The strength of the magnetic field is not the only factor. We often need a special magnetic field with lines of force arranged in a specific way. For example, we are interested in a magnetic field that is relatively constant in one direction, but the magnitude of which can change in the other direction. "

Scientists can now use 3D printing technology to make such a magnet. To do this, you will need to develop a digital computer model, and then load it into a 3D printer, which applies magnetic "ink" layer by layer.

Instead of a polymer, it is proposed to use a mixture consisting of 90% magnetic microgranular filaments and 10% of a binder polymer. Since the threads are not magnetized, the resulting product must be exposed to a strong magnetic field before becoming a permanent magnet.

This technology opens up the possibility of producing magnets in a variety of shapes. Moreover, the magnet can now be composed of several materials. Moreover, it will have areas of both weak and strong magnetic fields.