Illuminated bike path appears in Poland

A couple of years ago Studio Roosgaarde designed and built a luminous bike path in the city of Eindhoven (Netherlands). Inspired by this example, specialists from the Materials Technology Center in the Polish city of Lidzbark Warminski created their own, no less original version.

The development of the special luminous coating was undertaken by the TPAQI Materials Technical Center. The basis of the track design concept is to highlight the beauty of the surrounding landscape at night. Work began about a year ago with laboratory tests to create a luminous material.

After a series of tests, preference was given to fine aggregate containing inorganic light-emitting phosphors. This material is "charged" by sunlight during the day, so that later in the dark it emits a blue glow. The luminous layer was applied to a 100-meter section of the asphalt path and then covered with a layer of small stones.

According to TPAQI experts, 30-60 minutes of daylight is enough for the path to glow for eight hours, maintaining this property for 20 years.