Cybathlon International Cyborg Competition to Be Held in October

On October 8, Zurich will host an unusual international competition - Cybathlon-2016, which is also called the Olympic Games for Cyborgs. The founder of the competition is the Swiss National Center for Robotic Research. The main goal is to attract the attention of the world's leading experts in the field of robotics to the development of devices that help people with disabilities.

The idea of ​​the competition belongs to the professor of the University of Zurich Robert Rahner, who himself has been using a prosthetic hand for many years.

“Once, while standing in line at the cinema, ” he recalls, “I tried to take my wallet with my prosthetic hand, but I couldn't do it quickly. I was also very embarrassed by the fact that my artificial hand was making a lot of noise. I realized that modern technology is indispensable in this matter. "

50 teams from all over the world will take part in the competition. According to the organizers of Cybathlon-2016, the world's best orthopedic technologies will be presented at the games.

One of the most interesting areas is the brain-computer interface, which recognizes the activity of the brain through special electrodes. Participants of "Kibathlon" will be invited to compete in virtual races using just such a control method.

The Cybathlon-2016 website presents a program of games. Participants will have to measure their strength in cycling races using bionic stimulation, in wheelchair races, races on prosthetic legs, competitions for people with prosthetic hands, competitions of participants connected to a neurocomputer interface and in races in exoskeletons.