Hyperloop One is about to launch a supersonic vehicle under water

Hyperloop One has announced a new direction for its development. Now high-speed systems for movement on land will also be replenished with an underwater version. For the pilot application of underwater supersonic capsules, the company's specialists presented a concept for transferring port terminals of coastal cities from the coast to special platforms located 15 kilometers from the coast.

The technologies provided by Hyperloop One will allow cargo and passengers to move along underwater transport channels at supersonic speeds. The creation of floating ports will free up huge land areas occupied by port infrastructure. The very expensive land they occupy today will be available for urban development. All loading and unloading operations will be carried out at sea, and port cities will have the opportunity to develop.

Port authorities around the world are very interested in this idea. The implementation of an ambitious project will enable coastal cities to significantly change their appearance by equipping new beaches, recreation areas and residential areas.