Montreal professor teaches quadcopters to paint pictures on walls

Using tiny quadcopters to paint pictures was suggested by Paul Edge, a professor at McGill University in Montreal. We are talking about painting the walls of houses in megacities.

For two years now, the professor has been teaching "flying artists" drawing. As the individual pixels create an image on the monitor screen, also point by point drones apply paint to any vertical surface with a piece of sponge. There are no inaccessible areas for them.

The created pictures contain from 400 to 2000 points, which makes it possible to draw quite recognizable portraits of famous people. Gusts of wind, which are almost impossible to take into account, as well as the relatively short time of continuous flight from one battery charge are a serious obstacle during operation.

Work is underway on original methods to solve these problems. Connecting the drone to a power source using wires will remove the flight time limit. Placing the paint container directly on the wall will enable the drone to regularly wet the sponge in ink without returning to base.

The professor is currently waiting for a calm day to paint some really large surface in Montreal with the help of a drone.