Floating tunnels planned to be built in Norway

Norway's mountainous landscape and the sheer amount of fjords make the life of local motorists very difficult. To get from point A to point B, they have to pass through a dozen other points, while passing several bridges and ferries. The country's climate does not allow the wide use of suspension and pontoon bridges to overcome the fjords, and the construction of underwater tunnels is hampered by the great depth and rock formations. It is expected to solve the problem of automobile communication on the territory of the country by the construction of floating tunnels of the original design.

The floating tunnels will be supported at a depth of 70-100 meters by heavy-duty pontoons. Such a solution will ensure the unimpeded movement of ships above them, and submarines below them. In addition, even a strong storm is not terrible at such a depth.

Despite the seeming fantastic nature of this project, the Norwegian government has already allocated $ 25 billion for its implementation. It is planned to launch an experimental branch as early as 2035. If successful, Norway will build an entire network of floating underwater tunnels, making them the main element of the road structure. The presence of such a transport network, even at its high cost, will provide a huge economic effect.