Hyperloop plant to appear in Las Vegas

Hyperloop One has announced the opening of a pilot plant to manufacture parts for the innovative Hyperloop transport system. Almost 10, 000 square meters of the factory will be located on the territory of the world center of gambling.

Recall that in May, a key element of the transport system of the future was successfully tested at a test site located in the desert just north of Las Vegas. The prototype of the electromagnetic motor quietly accelerated the sled to the required speed, which was the impetus for transferring the project to the stage of practical implementation.

A fully functional prototype of the Hyperloop system is planned to be completed by the end of 2017. In the coming months, the company will manufacture and assemble the components of an innovative transport system. There will also be a test center for the Transponics system designed to accelerate Hyperloop modules to the required speeds.

The choice of the site for the construction of the plant is not accidental. Firstly, there is enough space in the desert for testing sites and production facilities, and secondly, casino owners are willingly involved in funding a project to build an expressway connecting Las Vegas to the West Coast.