New payment methods: selfies and smart rings

As part of the traditional week of advances in modern technology in London, new payment systems based on biometric characteristics were shown.

One of them is Selfie Pay. To carry out the next transaction, a special application will require the user to take a selfie, after which it will ask to blink his eyes in order to finally verify the authenticity of the person performing the banking operation.

The idea of ​​the new payment system is to completely rid us of passwords, which will be replaced by biometric data. With Selfie Pay, you will be able to make purchases, pay for trips in public transport, buy train and plane tickets, and “log in” to your computer.

For this, the Nymi wearable bracelet is also designed, which identifies you by the heart rate on the basis of an electrocardiogram, which is also completely individual for everyone. Curiously, the cardiogram will not depend on the heart rate, so the bracelet will not let you down even after a run.

Nymi bracelet identifies by electrocardiogram

Continuing the theme, it is worth mentioning the world's first contactless payment ring Kerv, made of ceramic and a special resin. According to the developers of the ring, putting it on your finger, you put on a wireless payment card.

By the way, the creators of new payment systems emphasize that you should not limit yourself to any one identification method. New items will be available soon: Kerv ring will go on sale in July, and Selfie Pay by the end of the year. The Nymi bracelet is still under development.