By order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, sensors have been developed for monitoring mechanical stresses at nuclear power plants

Strategic industrial facilities require particularly tight control over the state of mechanisms and structures that are subject to constant mechanical, thermal and radiation loads. These facilities, first of all, include nuclear power plants and nuclear industry enterprises.

Particular attention is paid to control methods that do not require stopping the production process. It is such a sensor that records mechanical stresses that was created at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. In the future, the sensor will come to replace more expensive strain-resistive devices.

The sensor is based on a ferromagnetic amorphous microwire. Now its prototype is undergoing the stage of necessary tests, after which it will be certified and introduced into the safety systems of nuclear power plants, heavy sea vessels, hydroelectric power plants, as well as for monitoring fire extinguishing equipment.

The new sensors are almost a third cheaper than their predecessors. It is expected that their certification will be completed by November this year.