Voice gets to protect credit cards from fraudsters

Some banks are increasingly using voice biometric data and other similar technologies to curb fraudulent activities. For example, NICE Systems has developed a system that captures more than 120 different characteristics of the caller's voice, which completely excludes all kinds of "telephone" forgery.

We are talking about banking services sold through call centers, when the client only needs a call to perform a banking operation, which was not slowed down by fraudsters. Vindai Balasubramanian, CEO of anti-fraud company Pindrop, revealed shocking facts: last year, crooks stole $ 10 billion through call centers.

The criminals act according to the following scheme. They call the call center on behalf of someone else and report that, for example, they have lost their card while traveling and need urgent access to “their” account, while actively influencing the emotions of a bank employee. And, as a rule, they get their way.

In order to counteract this, some banks have started collecting biometric voice characteristics of their customers, since they are as unique as fingerprints.

Some methods of dealing with banking telephone scams use identification at the place of origin of the call. For example, if a client talks about how he was left without a livelihood while traveling in France, and the call comes from Africa, such a situation would clearly be suspicious.

Other companies offer to identify the caller by the "fingerprint" of the phone from which the call is made. Each phone leaves its own unique audio signature when a connection is established. The technology makes it possible to distinguish 147 parameters of the device's uniqueness.