Superconducting ink instantly heats water from sunlight

Researchers at the Technological Institute of Mexico have developed a superconducting ink saturated with special nanoparticles. This ink is used as a coating for solar water heater pipes, which has increased their efficiency by up to 70%.

This substance was called ink, due to the presence of a solvent in it, which ensures quick drying. The ink consists of several layers and quickly adheres to the surface of the pipes.

The inner layer is represented by magnetic titanium nanoparticles that retain heat. The next layer is tungsten nanosalts combined with polyvinyl alcohol. At the very top of this "sandwich" is a layer of copper. To speed up heating and better retain heat, the copper is coated with a special black polish.

The new coating was tested on the heating system of the swimming pool of a sports complex in one of the Mexican cities. Water with a total volume of 2 million m 3 was heated up to 37 ° C with the help of a solar energy source.

The following fact testifies to the effectiveness of the nano-coating: it is enough for water to pass only 5 meters through the treated pipes to heat up to a temperature of 68 ° C.