Freevolt will allow the surrounding radio waves to be used as a power source

It is well known that the space around us every moment is penetrated by thousands of different electromagnetic waves emanating from the electronic devices around us. Modern technology allows this radio frequency energy to be converted into electrical energy.

The Freevolt device was developed by Paul Dryson with support from Imperial College London. Freevolt is a real omnivorous "devourer" of orphan signals from TVs, Wi-Fi, mobile networks, "digesting" which it turns into useful electricity. According to Dryson, the main problem was that he had to deal with very weak signals. Freevolt has the ability to extract useful energy from the RF signal.

The principle of its operation is as follows. The antenna picks up the signal and transmits it to a rectification circuit, which converts it to direct current. The current then flows to the power control module where the voltage is increased to the level required to charge the battery or super-capacitor.

Freevolt's ability to absorb wave energy in a wide frequency range allows it to be used to power small wearable devices, radio beacons and various sensors.