The world's largest 3D printer will be able to build houses from mud and clay

A group of Italian engineers from WASP has unveiled the world's largest 12-meter Big Delta 3D printer. It was created for the construction of buildings from scrap materials - sand and clay, which, together with low energy costs, will make buildings very cheap.

Big Delta consists of a reliable metal frame with a diameter of 6 meters and a printing part that also serves as a mixer for building ingredients - clay, mud, natural fibers, cement. Chemical additives can be used to enhance them.

The municipality of the town of Iglesias on the southern coast of Sardinia has already become interested in the unique printer. With its help, the city authorities intend to build the first houses in the near future.

3D printing technology contributes to the rapid construction of buildings, which is especially important for regions with a rapidly growing population and in areas of natural disasters. According to UN forecasts, in the next 15 years, for the needs of the inhabitants of our planet, it will be necessary to build up to 100 thousand new houses daily. It is possible that construction 3D printers will be in demand when arranging earthly colonies on other planets.