Whitney Houston will go on a world tour ... in the form of a hologram

More than three years have passed since the tragic death of Whitney Houston in February 2012. And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, the news came about the singer's world tours in 2016, though ... in the form of a hologram.

The project was initiated by Pat Houston, her half-sister and heiress. To begin with, the revived holographic image of the singer will appear before the audience in one of the cities of the United States. The show will be broadcast by several leading TV channels and websites. If successful, Pat Houston intends to organize a world tour. Greek billionaire Alki David became the CEO and main sponsor of the project.

According to Pat, she will have mixed feelings around her sister's hologram. However, she is confident that millions of Whitney Houston fans around the world will have the opportunity to rethink the great creative heritage of the great singer and keep it in memory for many years.

By the way, this is not the first example of such representations. Last year, the "revived" (thanks to the magnificent hologram) Michael Jackson performed in front of the audience of the Billbord Music Awards and demonstrates to the amazed audience, as before, his unique "moon" walk.