Anti-counterfeit 3D barcode developed

Existing barcodes are mainly used for product tracking. Specialists from the University of Bradford and Sofmat Ltd decided to expand the scope of their application. With the help of the new generation barcode they have developed, it will be possible to identify counterfeit products.

It is worth making a reservation right away: the new barcode has become three-dimensional and differs markedly from its predecessor. However, the essence of the new technology is simple: microscopic depressions are applied to the manufactured product. Each of them can be made to the desired depth with a step of 0.4 microns. The range of possible positions corresponds to a letter or number from 0 to 9.

For example, a manufactured prototype tablet with a coded tablet contains four “pins”, which makes it possible to create up to 1.7 million different combinations.

It will be possible to read a 3D barcode only with the help of an interferometer or a special laser scanner, which is currently under development. After processing, the received information is sent to a tablet or smartphone.

According to the creators of the anti-counterfeit barcode, it will be very difficult for cybercriminals to forge it, since this will require very sophisticated special equipment.