Solar panels will be able to recharge electric vehicles while driving

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University say they have found a way to charge car batteries using solar panels installed directly on the car. All previous attempts could not boast of high efficiency.

Using solar cells based on perovskite, scientists managed to transfer the received energy directly into lithium batteries with an efficiency of 7.8%, which is the highest indicator for today.

As one of the leaders of the group Leaming Dai says:

“We were able to find the optimal pairing of solar panels and batteries. Our colleagues involved in similar research are using polymer solar cells that are less efficient. "

The use of perovskite is one of the most promising solar cell technologies in recent years. It has the ability to convert a wider spectrum of sunlight into electricity than silicon cells. So, after connecting it to a lithium-ion battery the size of a coin, an efficiency of 7.8% was achieved, which was maintained for several cycles.

According to one of the authors of the development, Yanti Xu, the technology will find its application as a source of recharging car batteries at home. And by covering the car with such a film, car owners will be able to recharge the batteries on the go.