In three years all trains in Holland will be powered by wind power

According to a 2014 agreement between railway companies and electricity suppliers in the Netherlands, about half of all trains, starting this year, must be powered by wind power. The purpose of this agreement is to stimulate energy companies to increase their production capacity.

But that is not all. One of the points of the agreement provides for the transition of all electric trains to wind energy by 2018. In addition to the Netherlands, this project will involve wind energy sources from Belgium and neighboring Scandinavian countries.

Every day, Dutch trains carry 1.2 million people, which "corresponds" to the emission of 550 kilotons of carbon dioxide per year. The government of the country has set the task to reduce this indicator to zero.

By the way, this was largely facilitated by ordinary Dutch citizens who filed a lawsuit against their government, obliging it to take measures to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% compared to 1990, and by 2020 this problem should be completely closed.

The United States is showing increasing interest in the creation of wind farms. Currently, several energy companies are developing wind farms. The main problem today is the transportation of massive parts of the turbines, in particular, the blades, weighing more than 450 kg. The entire installation is over 54 meters long.