Scientists create soft LED fibers for wearable displays

In-clothing displays are a fast-growing area of ​​wearable electronics. However, all existing flexible LEDs until now have been a special solid base covered with a luminescent layer. Researchers at the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have succeeded in creating fibers that are part of the fabric itself from which clothes are made.

During the production of LED filaments, scientists apply layer by layer of polyethylene terephthalate, and dip the sample in a special PEDOT solution. After that, within 40 minutes, they are dried at a temperature of +120 ° C. At the end of drying, the fibers are again immersed in a bath with a solution of polymeric organic light-emitting diode, again dried, and then coated with a fluoride compound consisting of lithium and aluminum.

Scientists believe that their way of producing LED fibers could accelerate the introduction of wearable displays to the market. The developed technology allows the production of luminous threads in large volumes using the methods of the textile industry.

A short summary of the work done was summed up by KAIST electrical engineer Son Il Kwon:

This technology will ultimately make it possible to significantly simplify the production of wearable displays to the level of ordinary clothing.